Recent Publications

(2017). Employment Insecurity, Incumbent Partisanship, and Voting Behavior in Comparative Perspective. Comparative Political Studies, (50), 7, pp. 1489–1523,

(2017). Unleashing the Money Machine: The Domestic Political Foundations of VAT Adoption. Socio-Economic Review, (15), 4, pp. 797–813,

(2016). Are We in the Same Boat or Not? The Opposite Effects of Absolute and Relative Income Shifts on Redistributive Preferences. Journal of Politics, (78), 4, pp. 1107–1123,

(2016). Fractional Integration Methods and Short Time Series: Evidence from a Simulation Study. Political Analysis, (24), 1, pp. 59–68,

(2016). Income-Based Voting and Polarization Over Redistribution Under Alternative Electoral Systems. Electoral Studies, (42), pp. 22–32,

(2016). Introduction to Symposium on Time Series Error Correction Methods in Political Science. Political Analysis, (24), 1, pp. 1–2,


I teach or have taught the following courses:

  • University of Iceland:
    • STJ108G: Research Methods in Political Science. Taught in Fall 2019
    • STJ336G: Economic Approaches to Politics. Taught in Fall 2018 and 2019.
    • STJ201F: Practical Statistics (Master’s level). Taught in Spring 2018 and 2019.
    • STJ204G: Introduction to Statistical and Research Methods. Taught in Spring 2018 and 2019.
  • The Ohio State University:
    • PS4781: Data Analysis in Political Science I (Online). Taught over six terms, 2013-15.